I play drums live on Twitch and in my band RED HANDED DENIAL. We’re based in Toronto, Canada and known for combining the instrumental technicalities of progressive, djent and metalcore elements, alongside catchy, melodic, pop-driven vocals, interlaced with brutal screaming provided by Lauren Babic.

I have been drumming since 2005, and currently endorsed by: Los Cabos Drumsticks, Protection Racket, Vratim, 64 Audio

Toronto-based Red Handed Denial, consisting of Lauren Babic (vocals), Tyson Dang (drums), Chris Mifsud (guitar), and Dominick De Kauwe (bass), blends raw emotion and technical prowess to create a unique sound that encompasses metallic intensity, captivating breakdowns, and memorable melodies. Their journey has garnered millions of streams and widespread critical acclaim, marked by a discography that includes notable works such as Wanderer EP (2016), Redeemer (2019), and I’d Rather Be Asleep (2022). The band’s evolution continues with their upcoming album, A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia, reflecting on society’s over-reliance on technology and its impact on mental health and real-life connections.

A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia represents a pivotal moment for RHD, capturing their discontent with tech’s grip on modern life. The album, produced by Lee Albrecht in Grand Rapids, MI, with Chris Mifsud co-producing for the first time, was recorded in a single, uninterrupted session, emphasizing a commitment to songwriting over technical showmanship. This approach yielded tracks like “Parasite,” a commentary on the draining effects of social media, and “One More Night,” which explores feelings of connection and disconnection in today’s digital age. With this album, Red Handed Denial invites listeners to question their digital dependencies and find value beyond the digital applause, reinforcing the band’s focus on making music that resonates on a deeply personal level.


► Vratim AP-I Drum Shoes
► 64 Audio A3t In-Ear Monitors
► Los Cabos Drumsticks 5A Red Hickory
► Tama Speed Cobra Double Kick Pedals
► Mapex Black Panther Blaster 13″ Snare
► Mapex Armory 12″ Rack Tom
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► Protection Racket 5′ x 6.5′ Drum Mat


► Vratim AP-I Drum Shoes
► 64 Audio A3t In-Ear Monitors
► Los Cabos Drumsticks 5A Red Hickory (Nylon Tip)
► Tama Speed Cobra Double Kick Pedals
► Alesis Strike Pro Electronic Drum Kit
► Elgato Stream Deck