There’s so much I want to tell you
Every moment I unlock my phone I want to click on your name
and talk to you
I want to tell you how I feel
I want to tell you what’s on my mind
I want to tell you how much I miss you
but I shouldn’t bother you with it
You’re readjusting to the life you once knew before you left
and I understand that
So I’ll give you some space for now
I’m fighting everything inside my body
Everything inside my mind and everything surrounding my soul
to think of anything that isn’t you
I can’t help it
You’re all I can think of

I wonder which side she’s sleeping on. I wonder what she had for dinner. I wonder if she’s settled in back home. I wonder what’s on her mind. I wonder if her friends at home missed her. I wonder if she still thinks of me. If she thinks of the time we spent together. Does she remember the conversations we had? The night in the backseat of my car? Does she remember the food we shared? The walks we took? Does she remember our last night together? I wonder if she’s moved on. I wonder if for a moment we’ve looked at the same moon and thought of each other.

My friends tell me not to stress over it
but I’m being selfish
I’ve fallen in love with somebody I can’t be with
Even after I told her “We can’t be together” when we first met
It was instant. It was love at first sight.
When we arranged to meet, we held hands
We kissed and then I told you “We can’t be together”
because I knew you would be leaving soon

I fought. I fought really hard not to fall for you
and I lost
What a fool
Uncontrollable fool

Here I am sitting on my bed
Your name on my screen and a text box waiting be filled in
and I’ve hit the delete button more than letters
I just want to talk to you
I just want to drop everything here and see you
That wouldn’t be a good idea

Instead I’m trying not to think of you
While thinking of you