Haiku 08: COVID-19

Wash your goddamn hands You should already know this Wash your goddamn hands

Valentine’s Day 2019

My dearest Fiancé,It doesn’t matter what time of the day,Or what day of the year,It doesn’t matter how little I saw you yesterday,Or how much I will see you tomorrow,You will always be the best thing to happen in my life,And the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met,You’ll never understand how happy you’ve made me,Or …

Haiku 07: Hug

Amidst confusion “Aren’t you going to hug me?” And all becomes clear


Everyday I’m losing. Dwindling, waning, unbecoming. I feel like I’ve lost so much, even when I haven’t gained anything. I wake up wondering where the turning point was and how did I get there. I wake up deciding if I should call in sick from work- it sure felt that way. Someone so empty, just …


It’s the fear of losing what we already have that’s keeping me selfish. It’s the fear of missing out that’s keeping me selfish. It’s the fear of the past that’s keeping me selfish. I am selfish.


She returns to earth with a full moon guiding her Her hair as soft as ever, her smile complimenting her eyes It’s almost as if she never left I approach her with caution, creeping slowly and trying to recognize her She’s different now, but still the same girl I once knew The same girl I …


There’s so much I want to tell you Every moment I unlock my phone I want to click on your name and talk to you I want to tell you how I feel I want to tell you what’s on my mind I want to tell you how much I miss you but I shouldn’t …


Timing is everything And even though you and I weren’t together, I think our feelings were I am a very passionate man You’re right about that But the dust between us wouldn’t clear, and for that I’m sorry One day everything will make sense And you will understand what I understand Give it time

Demons & Uncertainty

It hurts It always hurts Even when there is no beginning, there is always an end Why does it hurt, when it shouldn’t? I wanted feelings and to breathe in new life And to finally draw on the clean slate It’s strange how the longer things took, the harder things became This shouldn’t be happening… …

Love Is a Marathon

Good things take time; Great things happen all at once. I’m very happy our lives have not only met at a crossroads, but now we’re running alongside each other. With new relationships, we can’t always hit the ground running. At least with you I know we can run an entire marathon together. Forget the starting …