She returns to earth with a full moon guiding her
Her hair as soft as ever, her smile complimenting her eyes
It’s almost as if she never left
I approach her with caution, creeping slowly and trying to recognize her
She’s different now, but still the same girl I once knew
The same girl I once loved

The conversations were the same and the intonations were unaltered
I remember your voice now and every soft enunciation it stepped around
I remembered the way you would complain
Some things never change
Unfortunately some do

The air was damp and ground was familiar
A year and a half later we were able to continue from where we left off
It was bittersweet, it was sour, it was all sorts of flavours
And I remember all of it, spending all my time flushing it out

Many thoughts lined up
They want to spill, to talk to you while the moon is still shining
I’ll lose you again

I wish you knew there’s a battle waging within my body
Fighting every urge, every moment and every instinct…

I just want to hold you again.